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So the reason I left Google+ or more like take a break, it's controlling my life and it's just changing me to someone i'm not, like apologizing and being Mr. Nice Guy, which I am not, but after that big scene not interest in coming back right away, but I might be hanging around Deviantart at times y'know to give updates of us Misfits and Future Movie Projects :D
New Arrivals!!
Ladies and Gentledorks, We Misfits Have Four New Misfits Joining The Gang, First it's Everyone's Favorite Imaginary Friend, Bing Bong, special thanks to Princess Twi and her Rainboom Team For Letting This Hilarious Dude in Our Misfit Army, We could use another comedian in the gang for laughs and fun ahahahaha

Next we got the very talented mouse, since Mickey Mouse, Mike The Star Mouse, He'll defiantly fit in especially with us Anti-Hero Misfits, like Discord, Deadpool, Iago, Snowball, Bender, Harley, Ivy, The Grinch Bettleju-- oh you get the point ahahahaha

and, say where is she? *a puff of smoke appears, with the smoke fading a female magician pops up* Ladies and Gentledorks It's With Great Pleasure to introduce The Most Beautiful Magician There Ever Lived, Inroducing Zatnna, Give It Up To Her Y'all! *whisper* we had history together and I pray to dad she forgot *Zatanna smirks and waves her wand towards me and blew me up, Cough, Cough* uh nice to know she remembers me hee hee *faints*

*Gets up and shake off the smoke* Boy Am I Smoking Hee Hee Hee *ahem* now lastly but not the least, allow me to introduce the most beautiful girl I know, the woman who will be playing a disney classic disney princess live, one of my favorites actually, Belle in Beauty and The Beast (Yes Belle is her animated persona for us misfits lol), Ladies and Gentledorks allow to inrtoduce the talented and very beautiful, possibly a misfit babe, could even be my new love interest, the one... and only Emma Watson

These guys and gals are gonna fit just right in :D

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1:   He's a descendant of both villains, Hades and Maleficent

2:   He has no love interest, total playa til he find that right girl, if that's ever going to happen chances his love interest is a beautiful wizard name Selena and The Ice Queen, Elsa could even be Rey

3:  He is a reform villain, once known as Ralphscoe Lord of All Evil and Darkness, The Master of All Villains

4:  He is part owner of The House of Mouse

5: He owns The Infinity Gauntlet with all The Infinity Stones, reason why Thanos is his arch nemesis


6: He has Darth Vader's lightsaber after his death the lightsaver chosen Ralphie, for he's the master of the darkside

7: He has a pony-persona in Ponyvile

8: Fluttershy is his Pony-Persona's sister, besties with Pinkie Pie and has a relationship with Princess Luna



Selena and Her Noble Steed, Spirit!
meet Selena's misfit and noble steed/best friend, Spirit, every hero deserves a horse and Selena is more of a hero than most of the misfits seeing most of the misfits are reformers and antiheroes and you wouldn't want to mess with this horse because you'll regret it, especially if you mess with his best friend, Selena
Thanos' Dark Squad
Even Bad Guys have Enemies...

The Misfits may have some bad guys and girls on their squad, but even they have villains who tried to destroy and corrupt them, and they're being lead by the very powerful Thanos With his right hand dummy and The Misfit's leader, Ralphie's greatest fear, Slappy The Dummy with his partner in crime Ralphie's little brother Pitch Black who just doesn't want to get revenge on his brother but his father, Hades as well, along them is Ralphie's on again off again girlfriend Azula, Selena's brother's enemies are now hers and her fellow misfits, we're talking about Abis Mal and Mechanicles who are henchmen to Sa'Luk and his henchgirl/girlfriend, Helga Sinclair, we also got Mirage who was also a enemie to Selena's brother, but like Sa'Luk and his henchmen Mirage is Selena's and her "Ohana"s enemy and the master of those five is the evil sorcerer genie, Jafar and like Pitch Black he wants revenge on Hades and his son, Ralphie speaking of old friends, we got The Joker not only was he an old friend of Ralphie's but also Harley and Ivy who are also Misfits, that did not put a smile on The Joker's face, Joker isn't the only frienimie of The Misfits we got Barbosa (an old friend of Captain Jack Sparrow) and Bertram (Stewie's evil brother and we thought Stewie was evil XD) we also got Pete, who wants to shut down the misfit's home, The House of Mouse he also has a some "business partners" to help him like The Big Bad Wolf and The Toon Patrol. there's The Shadow Man, Dr.Facilier who wants to be the master of the misfit's fate. Professor Ratigan may be a small villain but he's a big enemy of The Misfits he almost took over The House of Mouse by pretending to be Mickey Mouse himself, lastly we got Stitch's enemy Hamsterville, who as we all know want to collect all of Stitch's cousins and destroy them but like all the villains he won't succeed with The Misfits around.

The Misfits have other problems like their parents, Selena's mother, Regina The Evil Queen, Ralphie's parents, Hades Lord of The Underworld and Maleficent The Mistress of All Evil, but they're also members of The Misfits because they're family and surprisingly they get along AHAHAHA I'm sure there are other enemies the misfits have dealt with but they're just not as bad as these guys even though Thanos has over million of villains who works under him, these are just his crew to destroy and corrupt The Misfits because be could be the new master of all evil? but with The Misfits Around, highly unlikely XD
So the reason I left Google+ or more like take a break, it's controlling my life and it's just changing me to someone i'm not, like apologizing and being Mr. Nice Guy, which I am not, but after that big scene not interest in coming back right away, but I might be hanging around Deviantart at times y'know to give updates of us Misfits and Future Movie Projects :D


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The Misfits
You may call us Monsters, Freaks, Weirdos but we know who we are, we are...



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